Terms Of Service

I only open for commissions by announcing them on my Twitter/Bluesky: @dden009, FurAffinity: DenDArt,  Instagram: disasterden009 and my Telegram Art Channel.

I am not active on Discord or any other group chats/platforms other than the ones listed above.

Link to a google form will be provided on said opening platform in which you will provide info about your commission. The google form remains open for submissions for 24hrs or until i received enough submissions to choose from. Then i contact the chosen clients via social media/email of their choice.


 Your art is digital only!
There will be no physical goods sent your way when commissioning digital art from me.

The art you receive should never, under any circumstances, be used in any AI-related derivatives.

 Payment is required in full in advance. You will have 24 hours to submit your payment. 
If payment isn’t received within the time limit your commission will be canceled.
All prices are in Euro. Paypal invoices only.

For Taxation purposes (that affect me, only) if your name and country aren’t present in your PayPal info (i.e. you’re using a company name or an alias) , i’ll kindly ask you to provide them via DM.
Please note this information is only accessible to me and my legally hired accountant.

 I reserve the right to decline or cancel a commission.
If you have already paid for it I will issue a full refund.
I will not be refunding completed commissions.

 After successful payment, you will receive a WIP sketch to evaluate within 10 business days.
You can issue changes and alterations free of charge at that phase. Only minor changes can be done on a finished piece which would cost extra and would be worked on after my queue is done.
Upon approving the sketch it will take between 5 and 10 business days for me to finish your piece*. You will receive WIPs throughout the process.
*Time may vary based on queue size and stuff happening IRL. I will keep you updated however on any delays that may occur.

You are free to repost the art I’ve done for you as long as proper credit is given and links to my social medias are provided.

All prices vary depending on character complexity.
Wings, Complex Armor/Clothes will be charged extra.
Designing a character from scratch also costs extra.

If you wish your commission to be put on the front of the queue (i.e. worked first), please note this in the initial inquiry.
Front-of-queue spot includes 25% of the price fee.

If you wish your commission to remain private (not be posted online), please note this in the initial commission inquiry.
Private commissions include 25% of the price fee.

If you wish your commission to be posted after a certain date (i.e birthday/anniversary gift) note this in the initial commission inquiry.

NSFW commissions are fine!
If I’m not comfortable with the subject I will decline your commission. I draw only human genitalia. Other options can be discussed.

I won’t draw mechas.
i.e Complex robots and sci fi themes.
Protogens, for example, are fine!